About Us

Seeing our Dog Calming Bed become more and more popular each year is extremely rewarding. We started this business with a passion for dogs of all breeds and now its amassed into a trustworthy and recognized brand.

My wife and I are parents of two rescue dogs Poppy and Jazz (Dachshund and Whippet) who bring us joy every single day. Jazz in particular would never leave our side and was particularly jumpy so we searched for a product that would help her feel safe and warm. Unfortunately every product we looked at was superficial and designed for functional needs only, rarely keeping in mind the benefits to dogs themselves. After speaking to a lot of friends we found they had similar issues with their fur babies.

This was when we decided to start creating a dog bed of our own with parents and dogs in mind. We spoke to dog specialists, we spoke to therapists about stress and anxiety, we even spoke to bed specialist and eventually came up with the Dog Calming Bed. A bed specially designed to ease anxiety and equally look great at the same time.

Now we've helped thousands of dogs and parents all over the world! And its all thanks to you! Our valued customers.

Our mission going forward is to continue creating products that help our furry friends with anxiety and stress so they can lead a happy and healthy life.

We also want to help put an end to animal cruelty which is why a portion of our profits goes towards charities that support our cause.

Thank you for your support!

All the best,
Dog Calming Bed Team